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What to Know Before Yoga Teacher Training



Your Essential Guide to What You Should Know Before Joining Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 


• Continuous Research is Vital for Yoga Teachers 

Research as much as you can so that you are upto date on the art which you possess. There is always a scope of learning even if you have certification. Read everyday and try to absorb it and implement it in your life. Practice everyday because “practice makes a man perfect” and learn from it. 

• Be diligent with your work 

 Be very disciplined and punctual if you are planning to become a yoga teacher. Be prepared to fully commit to the practice process in terms of time and energy. Immerse yourself in yoga education. During your training, you will dive deep into yoga philosophy, anatomy, alignment, teaching methodology and more. Get ready to learn and gain knowledge about yoga and its principles. 

• Practice while you teach 

 There is no end to learning. Even though you are going to become a teacher that does not mean you have worlds knowledge. No that can never happen. One of the most critical parts of yoga teacher training is practice teaching. You will be able to lead yoga classes under experienced teachers, receive feedback and develop your teaching skills. To gain experience start with something small as in you can teach in some school in yoga studio, or there are enormous opportunities online. Explore those sites. Talk to people, join yoga retreat and learn from your teaching, this will help you know yourself better, you will know where you have to improve, what are your yoga style, and while communicating with people you will enhance your communication skills as well. Then plan for your travel with an extra knowledge, skills and confidence.  

• Language is not mandatory 

 You do not need to use any specific language to deliver your knowledge and skills. But, yes, you should know 2-3 languages so that your clients align with you and understand your concepts. If you want to practice outside of India, then you definitely should know English. Knowing English, hindi and one more prevalent language will help you. Knowing 2-3 languages will help get more clients from different countries/states. 

• Imbibe the Knowledge 

Read, Read, Read! Gain knowledge from anywhere and everywhere. Be open to learning from your peers, mentors, and nature. Read about Sage's history of Yoga and try to inculcate those things and implement them first in your life and then in your students' life. 

• Flexibility is not acquired; instead, it is gained 

If you are not flexible, you should not join the teacher training program. You would have heard this statement many times. But let me tell you, no one is born flexible. Flexibility comes from consistent practice and dedication. So even if you are not flexible, you can enroll for the teacher training program. With daily practice, you will see yourself after a certain period of time, and you and your body will be flexible enough for the advanced poses. You just need to be patient enough because Yoga is all about calm in chaos. 

• Be Active Beyond the Mat for Success 

This attribute means that you have to be active with your classes and routine. Activeness does not mean that you do only yoga poses. No this is not activeness. Activeness means you should be updated with current trends, know how you can build your business, and know the strategy behind gaining your clients. So “being active” is a wholesome adjective which defines all the attributes surrounding yoga. 

• No Richie Rich Concept 

You cannot expect to earn so much during the initial days of this profession. The profession of a yoga teacher in India is faced with challenges such as fierce competition and fluctuating demand, particularly during off-peak seasons, which can impact income stability. Despite this, passionate individuals dedicated to sharing the transformative power of Yoga find immense fulfillment and opportunities for growth in this profession. While the salary may not always match that of more conventional professions, the intrinsic rewards and the chance to positively impact the well-being of others make it a meaningful career choice. Strategic planning, continuous learning, and effective marketing can help yoga teachers in India build thriving careers and reach their targeted audience. 

• You can use "No" as well 

You got a degree and are now a certified teacher, but you still cannot do a few advanced poses like bakasanas and mayurasasna. Will this make you a bad teacher? Absolutely No. Before a teacher, you are a human, and above all, Yoga is not about doing advanced poses but about the rhythm of mind, soul, and body. If you cannot do any asanas you can simply say to your students that you can't do that but you can very well instruct your students on the benefits and history of it. Being a teacher doesnot mean that you know everything, there is always a scope for learning. 

• Be Prepared for 360° life changes 

Yes, you read it correctly. Doing Yoga daily makes you addicted to it and will change you from inside out. You will see the changes in yourself that you are now disciplined, you are now very calm, and composed, you now take the challenges with open heart and try to act upon it instead of freaking out or complaining. Yoga is a spiritual practice that aims to create harmony between the mind and body, derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. It leads to the union of individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness, creating harmony between mind, body, and the connection between humanity and nature. The ultimate goal of Yoga is Self-realization and the attainment of freedom known as mukti, nirvana, or moksha. 


Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is Just the Beginning 

Be prepared to fully commit to the practice process in terms of time and energy. Immerse yourself in yoga education. During your training, you will dive deep into yoga philosophy, anatomy, alignment, teaching methodology and more. Get ready to learn and gain a wealth of knowledge about yoga and its principles. 

Surbhi Yadav

Updated on 19th April 2024