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For us, he is like a special leader from our ancient stories, possessing the heart of a king and the mind of a compassionate sage. With his kind heart, he uplifts, leads, and shapes trust among individuals or groups, steering them towards shared goals. With his sharp mind, he helps them make wise choices and move forward with purpose. Today, Maneesh Pratap Singh Sir is a people person, but he wasn't always like that. He used to be an introverted and reserved individual. However, deep down, he always believed in himself. This belief created a special magic within him, allowing him to adapt and become whoever he needed to be in different situations. Maneesh Sir has always taught us that the same energy resides all amoreside in all of us & can create magic around us. This energy has manifested everything around us & holds the potential to manifest anything when entrusted with its Dharmic significance. Currently, Maneesh Sir is leading Yogkulam, and we are fortunate to have him as our leader, guiding us with his vision.

Mr. Maneesh Singh,
Founder, YogKulam

Our Guidance Committee

A successful place resonates with the voices of great minds. Yogkulam is fortunate to have such individuals. We express our gratitude to Raghvendra Pratap Singh Sir & Swami Sivananda Ji for being our guides.


Raghvendra Pratap Singh, like many others, faced tough times but persisted to find success and meaning. Influenced greatly by his mother, the atmosphere at home, filled with timeless tales of Mahabharat and Ramayana, shaped his foundational thinking. Even during challenging moments, Raghvendra Sir never gave up. He drew strength from the stories he heard and the lessons they imparted, inspiring him to persevere despite obstacles. Now successful in his job as real estate business consultant, he shares his wisdom to help others. Furthermore, Raghvendra Sir played a crucial role in Yogkulam, not only helping to establish it but also influencing Maneesh Sir with his thoughts and principles.

Swami Sivananda, a 125-year-old Yoga guru from Kashi, was honored with the Padma Shri for his great contributions to the field of Yoga. Born into poverty, dedicated his life to service and spirituality. He's a huge inspiration for Yogkulam, serving not just as a role model but also as a guiding light, much like a guru. He teaches us how to reach our service goals and shares valuable yoga lessons from his own life experiences. He believes that technology can make spreading the wisdom of yoga easier.

Swami Sivananda

Introducing Our Amazing Yoga Teachers

Modern-day yoga teachers are those who understand modern problems and apply their wisdom to provide solutions that fit into today's world. Our teachers not only are qualified and experienced in YTT training, but also understand the true essence of what they are doing.


Yogi Jwala Sir

As they say in some schools of Hindu philosophy, the karma of previous births influences one's life in their current birth. Yogi Jwala Sir has been practicing yoga for as long as he can remember, perhaps even in past lives.Born near the sacred Vidhyachal Parvat where Maa Ganga flows, yoga isn't just an activity; it's a cherished family tradition for him.

Guided by his father's footsteps, who was a devout yogi in the lineage of Patanjali, Yogi Jwala began teaching yoga after completing his schooling at Swami Ramdev Gurukul. He has dedicated 15 years to sharing his knowledge with more than half a million people. Yogi Jwala Sir has been with Yogkulam since the beginning. Plus, he's a pretty important person as the leader of Patanjali Yuva Bharat. He's like the main candle that has lit up many other candles in yoga and philosophy. He's trained thousands of yogis who are now doing great work in yoga.


  • Over 20 years of experience in yoga therapy
  • Conducted workshops and retreats globally
  • Ph.D. in Yoga Therapy


  • Recognized as a leading authority in yoga
  • Author of multiple bestselling books on wellness
  • International speaker at yoga conferences

Amrita Gupta

A science graduate, Amrita Gupta's passion lay in fashion designing since her childhood. However, fate had a different plan for her. During her college days, she attended NCC camps where she was introduced to yoga. Initially, yoga wasn't her thing, but something changed within her during those yoga sessions. She began to see its value and felt a deep connection to it. Realizing that yoga was meant for her, Amrita made a life-changing decision to pursue it as a full-time career. Today, Amrita Gupta is a dedicated Yoga Teacher at Yogkulam, inspiring countless individuals with her knowledge and passion for yoga.


  • Over 20 years of experience in yoga therapy
  • Conducted workshops and retreats globally
  • Ph.D. in Yoga Therapy


  • Recognized as a leading authority in yoga
  • Author of multiple bestselling books on wellness
  • International speaker at yoga conferences

Vikas Singh Rajput

Yoga has been a consistent presence throughout Vikas sir's life journey. Professionally, he holds a degree, while excelling passionately as a cricket player. His journey began in Kolkata, India. As with any game, upgrading to higher levels demands a certain mental fortitude and a never-give-up attitude, which led him to explore other sports like martial arts & meditation.
His cricketing career came to an unfortunate halt due to multiple injuries he suffered. But, as they say, when one path closes, another reveals itself. Vikas Sir soon connected the dots of his new journey. It was something that had always been within him – Yoga, his inner sanctuary. Not only did he heal his injuries through meditation, but he also discovered his passion for self-inquiry. His exploration of yoga & meditation opened the door to a new career as a yoga teacher.
Today, Vikas Sir is helping other students, revealing the magic of Yoga and Meditation, and what they can do for someone. These practices not only heal but also help in understanding the essence of yoga, which is experiencing oneness.


  • Over 20 years of experience in yoga therapy
  • Conducted workshops and retreats globally
  • Ph.D. in Yoga Therapy


  • Recognized as a leading authority in yoga
  • Author of multiple bestselling books on wellness
  • International speaker at yoga conferences
Vikas Singh Rajput

Our Team

Just as every team relies on its backend heroes, Yogkulam has its own who contribute a lot. While we express our gratitude to those mentioned here, we are equally thankful to all whose efforts may not be listed. Together, we keep Yogkulam alive and useful to people. .


Sejal Kakker
Chief Research & Development Officer

A management postgraduate student underwent a profound transformation upon joining Yogkulam. Her life changed entirely, including her perceptions of the world, speech, and thoughts, when she began working under Maneesh Sir's leadership. This experience not only evolved her worldview but also influenced how she communicated and reasoned.

upharika-shukla-assistant manager-yogkulam

Upharika Shukla
Assistant Manager

Meeting Upaharika Ma'am, you'll remember her as a kind, helpful, emotional, and family-oriented person. Aiming to contribute to women's empowerment, she currently serves as an Assistant Manager at Yogkulam and has been part of the organization since its foundational days.


Shubham Tripathi
Senior Software Developer

An IT engineer serving as Senior Software Developer is deeply passionate about technology, education, and Vedanta, striving to strike a balance between the profound teachings of Vedanta and the world.


Gauri Singh
Customer Relationship Officer

Inner strength empowered Gauri Singh to overcome the setbacks of failing the banking exam and a serious accident. Seeking a new career path and stability, she joined Yogkulam, where she was reshaped as a leader.

deepali-shukla-sales-head -yogkulam

Deepali Shukla
Sales Head

Deepali's unfulfilled desire of finding a stable government job pushed her to join Yogkulam instead. Over 5 years, she developed leadership skills, made social connections, embraced yoga, and prioritized health. Helping others brought her job satisfaction, altering her career goals.


Sarvesh Mishra
Senior Marketing Officer

A BSc graduate, preparing for a government job, reconsiders after a self-reality check. Inspired by books and business coaches, he joins his friend's organization, Yogkulam. His ability to think differently propels Yogkulam forward. Now, he serves as Marketing Manager, contributing significantly to its success.


Eshank Pandey
Sales Team Leader

Eshank's charismatic personality, filled with charm and humor, sets him apart in any space. He initially joined Yogkulam seeking stability and work experience, which later evolved into a relationship of mutual growth and shared goals.


Rohit Vishwakarma

Leaving his MNC job during COVID, Rohit Sir returned to Lucknow. He joined Yogkulam seeking growth and stability in his hometown. With diverse interests, he primarily focuses on accounting. Yogkulam appreciates Rohit Sir's dedication to perfecting tasks, valuing his helpful nature to other departments and simplicity of living.


Sarvesh Singh
Graphic Designer

Sarvesh Sir loves designing and is good at things like motion graphics and VFX. He joined Yogkulam to earn more money and have better opportunities to grow.


Laxmi Mishra
Senior Sales Consultant

Laxmi Ma'am, with a background in Maths and Electronics, realized her career path shifted towards Sales and Marketing after attending a workshop in college. She believes sales can bring quick financial growth. Now, she's a Senior Sales Executive at Yogkulam.


Sonika Saini
Senior Sales Consultant

With a decade of experience as a TL in a telecalling department in a small city , Sonika Ma'am moved to Lucknow to seek opportunities and growth in sales. She's now a dedicated Sales Executive at Yogkulam, eager to explore new avenues.


Neetu Yadav
Full Stack Developer

Neetu Ma'am, originally from a small town, switched from JEE prep to pursue IT due to health reasons. Now a successful full-stack developer at Yogkulam, she prioritizes health and emotional intelligence, thriving in her new career path.


Sweeti Agrahari
S/W Developer Associate

Sweeti Ma'am's story is very similar to the stories of many common girls in India. Determined and intelligent, she aspires to become a full-stack developer. Yogkulam has witnessed her hard work as she quickly acquired numerous professional skills in her field.

Sonu Singh
Admin Support

He is more like a family person to Yogkulam. Sonu, from a small town, moved to the city to earn money. He began at a simple job in Yogkulam and is an admin now. Sonu's journey in Yogkulam teaches us that with trust in our leaders and persistent hard work, we can achieve more than what we are today.

Glimpses of Yogkulam

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