About YogKulam’s History

  • In September 2012, a sixteen-year-old boy, who was struggling with finance and purpose, started a yoga community to transform people's lives. Slowly, he converted this community into the Yoga Teacher Training Institute, MDVTI India (now YogKulam). To date, this organization has trained over 40,000 teachers globally.
  • For more than a decade, it has been a place for learning to become a Yoga Teacher. Here, we offer different programs for our students. They can choose the ones they like, depending on what they're good at and interested in. These programs teach everything in a simple and organized manner, helping our students become world-class yoga teachers.
  • Now, here's the exciting part of our story. As time passed, the organization grew and evolved. It isn't just about training yoga teachers anymore. It has become YogKulam, a special place where the magic of yoga could touch everyone. YogKulam today is not just a regular learning place but a cool spot where ancient yoga wisdom meets modern technology.

  • Our vision is simple: "To touch many lives by revealing the true essence of yoga and how its branches, such as Asana, Meditation, and Philosophy etc can positively change people's lives through the integration of modern technology.”


To positively change people's lives by revealing the true essence of yoga through the integration of modern technology.


Our Mission is to help people stay healthy with yoga, support them in teaching yoga to earn money, and create a community where everyone brings yoga into their lives, finding happiness and success.


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