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About Us - Corporate Yoga by Yogkulam

  • Yogkulam is a leading yoga teacher training institute in India, having trained over 40,000 yoga teachers with the mission of creating a healthy India - Swastha Bharat. We are dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals and communities through the practice of yoga. In India, around 31 million people work in organized firms that employ more than 10 people.
  • This includes 22 million men and 5.5 million women working in the organized public and private sectors. Many of these corporate employees face significant challenges such as high stress, anxiety, and other health issues due to demanding work environments and lifestyles. Recognizing these challenges, Yogkulam sees an opportunity to serve the nation by addressing the health and well-being of corporate employees.
  • We take it as our responsibility to connect with companies and discuss solutions to improve the health of their employees. Our expert Yoggurus have designed specialized programs to enhance health and productivity in the workplace. These programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of corporate employees, helping them manage stress, improve mental clarity, and boost overall well-being.
  • Corporates are the backbone of India's economy, and it's crucial to ensure that those who drive economic growth are healthy and productive. Through the principles of yogic philosophy, we teach employees how to use their bodies and minds to achieve better productivity and overall health. By integrating our corporate yoga programs into the workplace, we aim to create a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce, contributing to a stronger and more prosperous India.
  • Join us in our mission to make Swastha Bharat a reality, one corporate office at a time.

Why Corporate Yoga?

Why Corporate Yoga?

Reduce Stress

Promote relaxation and mental clarity.

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Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

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Improve Health

Encourage physical well-being and reduce sick days.

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How It Works


We discuss your company's needs and goals.

Tailored Plan

We design a customized yoga program


We bring the yoga classes to your workplace or online.

Feedback & Adjustment

We continuously improve based on your feedback

Our Teacher

Our Yog Guru

Our team consists only of the best talents

jwala sir

Yogi Jwala Sir

Ph.D. in Yoga Therapy

As they say in some schools of Hindu philosophy, the karma of previous births influences one's life in their current birth. Yogi Jwala Sir has been practicing yoga for as long as he can remember, perhaps even in past lives.Born near the sacred Vidhyachal Parvat where Maa Ganga flows, yoga isn't just an activity; it's a cherished family tradition for him. Guided by his father's footsteps, who was a devout yogi in the lineage of Patanjali, Yogi Jwala began teaching yoga after completing his schooling at Swami Ramdev Gurukul. He has dedicated 15 years to sharing his knowledge with more than half a million people. Yogi Jwala Sir has been with Yogkulam since the beginning. Plus, he's a pretty important person as the leader of Patanjali Yuva Bharat. He's like the main candle that has lit up many other candles in yoga and philosophy. He's trained thousands of yogis who are now doing great work in yoga.

Erin Calzoni

Amrita Gupta

Ph.D. in Yoga Therapy

>A science graduate, Amrita Gupta's passion lay in fashion designing since her childhood. However, fate had a different plan for her. During her college days, she attended NCC camps where she was introduced to yoga. Initially, yoga wasn't her thing, but something changed within her during those yoga sessions. She began to see its value and felt a deep connection to it. Realizing that yoga was meant for her, Amrita made a life-changing decision to pursue it as a full-time career. Today, Amrita Gupta is a dedicated Yoga Teacher at Yogkulam, inspiring countless individuals with her knowledge and passion for yoga.

Vikas Singh Rajput

Ph.D. in Yoga Therapy

Yoga has been a consistent presence throughout Vikas sir's life journey. Professionally, he holds a degree, while excelling passionately as a cricket player. His journey began in Kolkata, India. As with any game, upgrading to higher levels demands a certain mental fortitude and a never-give-up attitude, which led him to explore other sports like martial arts & meditation. His cricketing career came to an unfortunate halt due to multiple injuries he suffered. But, as they say, when one path closes, another reveals itself. Vikas Sir soon connected the dots of his new journey. It was something that had always been within him – Yoga, his inner sanctuary. Not only did he heal his injuries through meditation, but he also discovered his passion for self-inquiry. His exploration of yoga & meditation opened the door to a new career as a yoga teacher. Today, Vikas Sir is helping other students, revealing the magic of Yoga and Meditation, and what they can do for someone. These practices not only heal but also help in understanding the essence of yoga, which is experiencing oneness.


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Some Doubts You May Have Before Joining Our Corporate Yoga

Just a quiet space and a willingness to improve your well-being. We take care of the rest.

Pricing varies based on the program and frequency. Contact us for a customized quote.

Our classes are designed for all levels, and our instructors provide modificat

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