Management Message

“MDVTI INDIA is continuously working towards its mission to train world class yoga teachers and its vision to build 100 Gurukulams. We imbibe the best practices of the industry in our working while keeping in view our social responsibility. We believe in excelling at whatever we are doing, that is possible through challenging the present and moving towards the future. We plan to take customer satisfaction to a different level while positively contributing to society.”

Mr. R. P. Singh

“I always perceived our company MDVTI INDIA as a unit that could make a difference in the world with its quality courses and well educated & trained yoga teachers. The objective is to make India ‘Vishwa Guru’ by transforming the life of millions of individuals- making them physically, spiritually and mentally fit. MDVTI INDIA is committed to our company’s core values- Nationality, Customer centricity, Integrity, Collaboration and Transparency. With the support of my team, franchisee partners and students, I am confident that the company will continue to achieve success for years to come. It is our vision to build 100 Gurukulam to restore India’s civilization and culture.”

Mr.Maneesh Singh
Deputy Director